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A performance based on the criminalisation of sex work and its often fatal implications for the people providing it. The sentence ‘No Humans Involved’ was reputed to be in use during the 1980s by the police in L.A when referring to the murders of prostitutes, gang members and drugs addicts –people that constitute society’s less desirable members, whose bodies were dehumanised and lives not grievable.

Nowadays, the risks that prostitutes and other sex workers face have been extended to the digital sphere due to laws like FOSTA/SESTA that take away the possibility to advertise services or screen people over the internet. No Humans Involved will explore the dangers sex workers face from police, clients, and the general public when they are silenced, censored, and unable to exercise their job within a legal, safe context.

No Humans involved was first performed as a commission for Uncencored festival and marked the 10 year anniversary of the death of Marcia Powell, a 48-year-old American inmate who died on May 20, 2009 after exposure to extreme heat in an outdoor cage at Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville in Goodyear, Arizona. She was serving a 24 month sentence for offering a cop a 20 dollar blow job. To this day no one has been sentenced for her death.

No Humans Involved is another collaboration with sound artist Jake Willaims.


Uncensored Festival, The Yard, London

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