A series of 50 short duration actions carried out in a fluxus style list, I explore the absurdity of particular movements and try to resist the consumption of my body, it being forced into a duality in performance of event, and simultaneous making of memory.

I use short duration not only to challenge the art worlds fetishisation, hierarchy and standardisation of 'duration' meaning long duration, but also to resist the accelerated natures of late capitalism.

Time in Money was researched while on a one week residency with Studio Ilka Theurich, Hannover, Germany.




Studio Ilka Theurich, Hannover


Live Art Night, Hackney Wick, London

performance score

1. Time is Money

2. Silver Balls

3. Ball around body

4. Mouse Trap

5. Spoon on nose

6. Run at chair

7. Whistle at roof

8. Move glass of water backwards

9. Knives in cups

10. Throw chair at other chair

11. Fall

12. Spin Bottle

13. Gloria

14. Lunge clap

15. Run and stand on ledge

16. Square of sugar

17. Eyes, Tongue, Sunglasses

18. Upside down corner

19. Throw paper

20. 1111111 chalk

21. ‘Volkswagen'

22. Duet with stroller

23. Sparkler

24. Walk backwards with 50

25. Open and close door

26. Cup walkie-talkie

27. Corner stare at 50

28. Backwards roll

29. Snap belt

30. Catapult paper

31. Chair upside down

32. Headstand

33. Smile at audience member

34. Leg through chair

35. Pull tissue

36. Hammer books

37. Roll paper

38. Drink water backwards

39. Shoot at 50

40. Wedding cake

41. Shake red bull

42. Egg boil in hands

43. Party Hats

44. Blast Confetti

45. Light candles

46. Blow out candles

47. Fire deodorant

48. Neon Light

49. Thank

50. You